Rally Fleet

The Hobie Challenge is one of the most exciting events in the Philippine sailing calendar. It was started in 1999 by a group of sailors who wanted to combine exploring the country with a fun factor while doing so. They chose exciting routes through beautiful islands at times of the year when one can expect mostly strong winds: hence the expression “Challenge”. Regular participants have seen more of the Philippines than most other people! Much has already been written on these events and can be seen on a number of websites. Please see www.hobiechallenge.ph.

Background on the Rally:
By 2003 the very success of the “Challenge” was becoming a concern. As more boats entered, the commitment to maintaining the challenge element brought mounting safety issues. A decision was taken to open the event to support yachts that would patrol the extremities of the courses to keep watch on the Hobie fleet and provide radio links between the race officer and rescue teams. The first event to be run this way was in 2004 from Boracay to Palawan via Amanpulo. It had a support fleet of two keelboats. Since then, there have been up to five cruising yachts taking part each year.

Both the Hobie Challenge and the Rally also aims to illustrate what a wonderful sport sailing is. Particularly here in the Philippines where the weather is perfect and many of the best cruising areas in Asia, if not the world! It should encourage more, particularly young people, to join the sport.

Please also check this portion of the site often, as we will be adding new information/details as we go through the preparations for the event.