Below are the list of participants for the Anvaya Cove 13th Philippine Hobie® Challenge:

1.  Paul Symes and Alannah Symes– (New Zealand) – Team “Sweet As” Kiwis
2.  Brent Chamberlain and Roman Barberis – (New Zealand and France) – Team “Cheech & Chong”
3.  Monchu Garcia and Bianca Garcia – (Philippines) – Team “Beauty and the Beast”
4.  Ed Legarda and Edwin Lucero – (Philippines) – Team “Die Hard”
5.  Bruce Tardrew and Sarah Turnbull – (Australia) – Team “Fart in the Wind!”
6.  David King and Alistair King (Australia) – Team “Felix’s Philippines Adventure”
7.  Will King and Chris Wild (Australia) – Team “Optimum Height”
8.  Mike Lohmann and Justin Reynolds (Canada and England) – Team “LBC – Lantau Buccaneers Chaps”
9.  Alex Chen and Jason Lin – (Taiwan) – Team “Taiwan”
10. Luigi Manzi and Yvonne Manzi (Italian) Team “Mama Mia”
11. Doc Dennis Cruz and Arnel Ornales (Philippines) – Team “Koroks”
12. William Westervelt and Patrick Doyle (USA, Hawaii) – Team “Flyin’ Hawaiians”
13. Ian Watson and Robert Watson (Australia) – Team “Watto”
14. Andrew Locke and Eric Tomacruz (Australia and Philippines) – Team “oble-ooowww”
15. Greg, Charles and Kathryn Corston (New Zealand) – Team “Tiki Tour”
16. Jun Villanueva and Neil Bernardo (Philippines) – Team “Mobile 1″