Taal Lake Yacht Club

Taal Lake Yacht Club (TLYC) is the home of the Philippine Hobie Fleet. From its inception in 1995, the club has been dedicated to the promotion of sailing thru its learn to sail program, and the creation of its Hobie 16 one design racing program. The Hobie 16 was chosen because of its affordable price, ease of maintenance, and suitability for both local crews, and local conditions. The club’s monthly races take place every second Sunday of every month. It runs 2 special events. The Hobie National Championships are held at TLYC every other year, at the end of January. The Round Taal Volcano Regatta, annually at the end of November. The fleet has grown to over 50 Hobie 16s over the years, in no small part helped by the creation of the Philippine Hobie Challenge Foundation, and its successor, PHINSAF, which have been composed mostly of TLYC members. TLYC and PHINSAF alternate the responsibility for running the Nationals, one year at TLYC, and on alternate years, at the location of the start of the Philippine Hobie Challenge.

TLYC holds a Championship Series, which is composed of the monthly races between April and October. TLYC and PHINSAF work closely together to coordinate the PHINSAF Travelers Series, several races held monthly outside the club, from October thru April.

Initial contact with the club is best by either emailing peter@tlyc.com
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Aside from sailing, the club rents kayaks, and runs day trips to Taal Volcano. Click here to view our trips to the Volcano.

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