Cawag Resettlement School

Cawag Resettlement School, Cawag, Zambales

The Cawag Resettlement School is  in  the  resettlement  community of Cawag in Zambales which  is composed mainly of Aeta families who were forced to move here when Mt. Pinatubo erupted violently in 1991. (Wikipedia— The Aeta (Ayta, pronounced EYE-t?), or Agta, are an indigenous people who live in scattered, isolated mountainous parts of Luzon, Philippines. They are considered to be Negritos, who are dark to very dark brown-skinned and tend to have features such as a small stature, small frame, curly to kinky afro-like textured hair . They are thought to be among the earliest inhabitants of the Philippines, preceding the Austronesian migrations.)

They  are mostly beyond the reach of electric power in the Zambales mountains, and the children  have to walk about half an hour to the Resettlement  School, which is at the end of the power line.  Around  60 Aeta families are resettled here, and the school population is 204 for K1-6 and  139 in High School.  Sadly, there is quite a high incidence of malaria in the area.  Aside from the school supplies, solar lamps and medicines, the outreach also aims to distribute  umbrellas and ponchos for the schoolchildren to use in walking to their school during the rainy season.