The Anvaya Cove 13th Philippine Hobie Challenge Outreach Program will target 3 needy schools in rural areas  located  in the municipalities of Candelaria  and Cawag in Zambales, and  Morong, Bataan namely: San Roque Elementary School (Annex), Cawag Resettlement School, and the Kanawan Elementary School. The donations will consist  of  school supplies, learning aids, some sports equipment, solar lamps from  REEF (Renewable Energy Enterprises Foundation), first-aid kits, medicines, and other badly-needed necessities for going to school.

We are pleased to announce the establishment a new partnership with the REEF Foundation (Renewable Energy Enterprises Foundation). With the generous support of various donors we are very proud to announce that we will be distributing 400 units d.light S1 solar lights throughout the Outreach programme.

Ongoing planning for the Medical & Educational Outreach programme includes:

  • We have confirmed the renewal of our partnership with “Lifeline Rescue” to provide medical support for the Challenge and Outreach programme.
  • 400 families will receive d.light S1 solar lights distributed by REEF.
  • Carla Kramer will be the Outreach Administrator for the Medical & Educational Outreach programme.
  • Carla Kramer & Myla Villanueva will be responsible for the Education Outreach Coordination.
  • Doctor Dennis Cruz (past & present Hobie competitor) will be responsible for the Medical Outreach Coordination.

Our goals & objectives include:

  • Identify local communities that are operating in very unfavourable conditions where our small efforts can make a measurable difference.
  • Provide education supplies & equipment to a local school in each community.
  • Provide medical supplies to 100 families at each location.
  • In conjunction with our official partners provide solar lanterns to people in the community that are responsible for caring for others.
  • Create an awareness & opportunity for all sailors & organizers (local & foreign) to participate in these events.