Below are the list of participants for the BlackBerry 12th Philippine Hobie® Challenge.

Bruce Tardrew (Tards) and Sarah Turnbull – (Australia)  – Fart in the Wind!
Mick Butler and Bradley Wilson (Dog) – (Australia)  – Hobie Cat Australasia
Sarah Pipes and Emma-Louise Daly – (Australia)  – Team Aussie Chicks
Rex Puentespina and Art Pascua – (Philippines)  — The Wild Orkids
Roman Azanza and David Azanza – (Philippines)  — Cabron Neutral
Monchu Garcia and Bianca Garcia – (Philippines)  – Team Rayomarine
Jun Villanueva, Cons Castaneda and Neil Bernardo - (Philippines)  – Mobile 1 Team
Paul Symes and Carlo Lienau – (New Zealand and Germany)  — Sweet Kiwi & Sour Kraut
Ed Legarda and Edwin Lucero – (Philippines)  – Team Die Hard
Glenn Everett and Jana Franke Everett - (USA and Germany)  – Tiger Gambas
Andrew Locke and Ramon Dala- (Australia and Philippines)  – Team PNG
Alex Chen and Jason Lin – (Taiwan)  – The Great Wall
David Harris and Krishan George – (UK)  — Team Blood Red
Natalie Hill, Jasmine Hill and Barnaby Houk - (Australia)  – Two Eggs & Sausage
Maria Vidoeira and Joe Hagedorn – (Portugal and Philippines)  – Space Cadet Too
Mike Ngu and Rosalindo Pahayahay – (Philippines)  – 20/20 Hindsight
Grahame Southwick and Melisande Norton  — Team Fiji
Alistair Doherty and David Thomson – (UK)  – Team Ecosse
Luigi Manzi, Claudio Candellero and Ian Candellero (Italian)  – Il Mafiosi