Lifeline Rescue

Lifeline is the first and only dedicated “Emergency Quick Response” (EQR) service in the Philippines, living up to our mission and vision of providing the most reliable and efficient emergency medical response service. With more than 18,000 lives saved over the last 15 years, ours is a trusted name that has earned the right to be called “the Rescue 911 of the Philippines”.

Being the only fully-equipped ambulance service to respond to life-threatening situations, Lifeline is the trusted industry leader. Our ambulances are virtual “emergency rooms on wheels” and our experienced, well-trained and courteous staff is always ready to provide the best nursing and medical care. We are constantly striving to improve so as to better serve our client communities.

At Lifeline we pride ourselves on our rapid response to any medical emergency, being able to say that while our usual committed response time is to be on-site within 30 minutes, we actually “touch down” on average in 12-15 minutes. While the emphasis of EQR is placed on getting to the patient’s side in the fastest possible time, once there, attention and priority shifts to stabilizing and transporting the patient to the nearest hospital or to the hospital of his choice. All our patients are thoroughly endorsed to the receiving hospitals and to the doctors-on-duty. Because of our sizeable network of doctors and hospitals, Lifeline can ensure that our patients will have a room and a receiving doctor.

Up until four years ago, Lifeline was primarily a membership-based rescue service with over 850,000 individual and corporate members. However, to better answer the needs of non-members, we developed the safety zone concept, thereby allowing us to increase substantially the number of people covered while still providing the most affordable price. During the past three years, Lifeline has exclusively handled medical emergencies for the Philippine National Construction Corporation (PNCC) and the Metro Rail Transit (MRT). In this time, we have learned to adapt very quickly to the unique needs of each type of business and to the types of emergencies that occur in them. These range from horrific car accidents to bombings, from heart attacks to suicides and to the joys of delivering babies in the most unusual of working environments. Whatever the situation, Lifeline is always there when you most need us.

Lifeline covers some of Manila’s top corporations such as the Asian Development Bank, Shell Filipinas Corp, Citibank, the Bank of the Philippine Islands and Manila Bankers.

We exclusively manage all emergency cases – as well as the clinic, dental, diagnostics and drug testing needs – of premier villages such as Ayala Alabang and Bel Air.

The US embassy awarded SOS International and Lifeline the contract for the ambulance/medical support for President George W. Bush’s visit to the Philippines in October 2003.

Internationally-renowned companies like SOS & Assist America outsource their local requirements to Lifeline. In the case of SOS, we provide their land transportation needs and with Assist America, we coordinate and manage their medical air evacuations.

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Lifeline Ambulance Rescue, Inc.
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