HeadWare® is your new essential for anything life throws your way. All-purpose, stretchable, breathable and tubular (yet seamless! You figure it out!), this accessory has as many uses as your imagination can come up with (we’re up to about 20!), for as many activities as your life enjoys. HeadWare® wicks sweat away from your skin, makes those hot days just a tad less so, protects you from the sun, dust and other elements, and gives a certain fashionable flair.

HeadWare® can be worn as a scarf, headband, wristband, dustmask, balaclava, scrunchie, pirate cap (arrrrrr…), beanie, classic bandana, tube top, and even, believe it or not a skirt.
HeadWare®. The new essential.

Visit their website, www.theheadware.com